Why Brody Jenner May Not Be Invited to Kim and Kanye’s Wedding

November 25, 2013 By:
Why Brody Jenner May Not Be Invited to Kim and Kanye’s Wedding
Image By: Getty Images / Bryan Steffy

Brace yourself for 2014: The Year of Kimye’s Wedding. What’s guaranteed to be the biggest celebrity story of next summer, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are gearing up to say “I do” while the rest of the world watches from the sidelines, including Brody Jenner.

Us Weekly caught up with Brody at the Hyde Nightclub at the Bellagio in Vegas where he said he doesn’t even know if he’ll be there until the official invites are sent.

“Well, you never know with the family,” Brody told the magazine. “I didn’t get invited to the engagement so you never know.”

Brody’s referring to the epic engagement surprise Kanye planned for Kim’s 33rd birthday—renting out the entire AT&T Park in San Francisco where he invited close friends and family.

Perhaps Kanye still needs to warm up to Brody, or just hasn’t met him yet, considering his relationship with his father Bruce is a work in progress that’s gotten better over time.

After confronting Bruce for being absent most of his childhood, the two have made a more sincere effort to spend more time together.

“We talk all the time,” Brody told Us. “I was just talking to him this morning. It’s all golf. All we talk about is golf.”