Brody Jenner Denies Hitting A Girl

July 30, 2008 By:
Brody Jenner Denies Hitting A Girl

Brody Jenner was out at club Coco De Ville last night when he and his friends ran into a little trouble.

A female patron claims she was hit by Jenner, but he denies those claims, saying the girl was "obliterated and insane" and "charged their table and knocked a girl down."

But we can't help but factor in that Brody and his buddies sprayed the girl down with champagne to get her away from the table. We don't care how annoying a girl is, you never waste a good bottle of champagne!

Brody of course denies that he joined his friends in the spraying. But Brody ended up winning in the end, because the girl was escorted out of the venue by security.