Brittany Snow Cast as Lead in Gossip Girl Spinoff

February 26, 2009 By:
Brittany Snow Cast as Lead in Gossip Girl Spinoff

The Gossip Girl spinoff show has a lead character! According to Star magazine, Brittany Snow has been cast as the main character! As we reported previously, the new show will focus on Lily van der Woodsen’s scandalous teen years in Los Angeles.

Brittany was apparently the first choice of the producers, so what a treat that she zccepted the role! A friend of hers tells Star, "Brittany is thrilled. She loves the original show and thinks the 1980's concept sets the spin-off apart from other series on television. She can't wait to wear all the fabulous outfits and really sink her teeth into the role."

We absolutely love this casting choice! Brittany is adorable, and will make a great young Lily. In fact, we wonder what Kelly Rutherford thinks of the casting! Brittany is always great in her roles, especially in Hairspray, and as the lead in the short-lived drama American Dreams.

According to the magazine source, Brittany thought her TV career was over, and she would just focus on film. But the producers offered her a role she couldn’t refuse and she took it! Brittany’s friend says, “This is a marvelous part and she just couldn't say no. This has the potential to be a huge show in the tradition of Melrose Place."

We can’t wait for the spinoff to air!