Simon Monjack to Be Buried Next to Brittany

May 27, 2010 By:
Simon Monjack to Be Buried Next to Brittany

Simon Monjack is to be laid to rest next to his late wife Brittany Murphy today at Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn cemetery.

Brittany passed away just five months ago after collapsing in the shower and now Simon is gone.

Robert Neal, the Murphy and Monjack family publicist, said: “That was definitely his wish. It's safe to say that wish will be fulfilled.”

Brittany Murphy's Mother Devastated Over Simon's Death

The results of toxicology tests aren't in yet, but prescription pills were found near both their bodies.

Simon reportedly put off a bypass operation for his heart condition last September, so we know he had medical issues.

The publicist added, “As far as we know he passed away of natural causes. He did have a heart condition and he was due for bypass heart surgery.”

Rest in peace Simon...and Brittany.