Pharmacy: We Cut Brittany Murphy Off!

March 19, 2010 By:
Pharmacy: We Cut Brittany Murphy Off!

Brittany Murphy’s death was ruled an accident when the coroner found she’d died of cardiac arrest after trying to fight off pneumonia. And while her husband Simon Monjack is adamant she was not abusing drugs, but a local pharmacy tells a different story.

TMZ has uncovered new information about the death from a man named Eddie Bubar, who owns Eddie’s Pharmacy in LA. He claims to have a list of over 100 prescriptions that were filled for Brittany, Simon, and Murphy’s mother Sharon between January 2008 and August 2009, including Vicodin, hydrocodone, Klonopin, and other drugs. They were all purchased under various aliases.

One of the aliases used by Brittany was Lola Manilow Murphy. Bubar told investigators a courier would pick the various prescriptions up in an envelope approximately every two weeks with the name "Lola" written on it.

Bubar also says he cut the threesome off four months before Brittany’s death, because he believed they were using multiple pharmacies to fill prescriptions. He said, "We thought there was going to be an accident there."

Since the investigation, several other aliases have been discovered at another local pharmacy. Simon claims it was the other way around. He says, "You know how this town is. We're the ones who cut Eddie's Pharmacy off."

This seems far from over. We still have an eerie feeling about Brittany’s death, and apparently, so does the State Attorney General’s Office. They’ve just launched an investigation on doctors who prescribed meds for her, Corey Haim, and even Michael Jackson.

And this should not be taken lightly—we all know what’s happening with Dr. Conrad Murray!