Inside Brittany Murphy's Marriage to Simon Monjack

December 21, 2009 By:
Inside Brittany Murphy's Marriage to Simon Monjack

During this difficult time of waiting to hear the cause of Brittany Murphy’s death, the public is trying to learn as much about the troubled actress as possible—including her marriage to British filmmaker Simon Monjack.

Since their marriage in 2007, there’s been much speculation about what their relationship was really about. We’ve heard rumors that his visa expired conveniently right before their wedding, he had massive debts, and that there was infidelity on both ends.

But according to a reporter for the LA Times who spent the afternoon with the couple at last year’s Sundance, the two were in love. Monjack even told the reporter he fell in love with her the first time he photographed Brittany.

"No one knows this, but I took Brittany's first photograph for a magazine. It was Jane magazine; Brittany was this big," Monjack said.

Back then, she was "too young to touch," Monjack said. "To make a long story short, I was very patient."

When asked about the rumors going on in their marriage, Monjack replied, "We never addressed it, and I'm not going to now.”

He also told InTouch Weekly that the rumors were "preposterous lies. Everything was just so fabricated and hurtful."

Monjack has found himself in the public eye as a result of his wife’s untimely death. But it wasn’t long ago that a tabloid story popped up about him and Britney. A rumor began in November claiming Murphy was reportedly fired from the set of The Caller for being difficult. Some reports claimed that Monjack wasn't helping, arguing with the crew and generally causing trouble on the set.

Monjack himself had a reported health scare that happened right after Brittany’s reported firing. Monjack was rushed to an L.A. hospital after appearing incoherent aboard a flight from Puerto Rico with his wife.

According to the 911 call, Monjack had stopped breathing but was quickly revived by emergency medical technicians. Though TMZ says Murphy thought he had suffered an asthma attack and that it was not serious, medics insisted on taking him to the hospital anyway.

Perhaps his health scare was also related to the numerous prescription pills found at their residence yesterday. But at this point, it’s still all just speculation. We’re sure he, like everyone else, just wants to know what took Brittany away from him.