Details of Brittany's Death Were Leaked

December 22, 2009 By:
Details of Brittany's Death Were Leaked

Earlier today details were released about the numerous types of prescription drugs found in Brittany Murphy's apartment at the time of her death.

However, officials have now come forward saying that information was leaked without their knowledge. It was supposed to remain secret until her autopsy results came back in a few weeks.

And as a result, the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office has launched an internal investigation after a detailed report was leaked to TMZ. Chief investigator Ed Winter tells E! News,

"The investigator did not release anything to TMZ, nor did he talk to anybody. Where did all this information come from? Neither Chief [Coroner Craig] Harvey nor I released the information. I don't even know if we provided LAPD with a copy of anything yet."

Winter also says he hasn’t seen the notes because TMZ will not show them to him, and therefore cannot verify whether or not they are valid.

"Supposedly TMZ reviewed some documents, and of course they won't show them to me or tell me where they got them," he said.

"I hadn't even seen the list of the possible drugs. I didn't have any notes and I have not checked the evidence log, it's in the labs. I don't even know."

That’s so sad that someone would leak that to the media without even having knowledge that it’s true. Details to come…