Brittany Murphy's Husband Sobbed Reading Autopsy

February 26, 2010 By:
Brittany Murphy's Husband Sobbed Reading Autopsy

Simon Monjack has responded to yesterday’s release of his late wife Brittany Murphy’s autopsy report. He addressed the fact that although drugs were found in the actress’ system, they were prescription medications to help her fight the pneumonia she was battling.

He tells Us Weekly, "She never did anything that she was accused of! We never hid anything. And that's been the case with everything in our marriage. Maybe with her death, people will start to realize - yes, we had a lot of prescriptions around, but if you look at some of them, they date from 2001!"

Monjack also says he and Brittany’s mother Sharon "both sobbed and sobbed. I haven't gotten out of bed yet. I pulled the report away from Sharon because I thought I was going to have to sedate her."

Simon also mentions that he had no idea Brittany was that sick, and that he believed her pain was connected her period. "Like all deaths, I go over and over and over it," he says. "She was dead within two hours of waking up, saying 'My chest is tight. I can't take a breath!' But that was part of her normal menstrual cycle. It was the perfect storm."

In general, Simon says people have always made assumptions about him and his intentions with Brittany. "Our marriage was dogged by these ridiculous rumors. Brittany's life was dogged by ridiculous rumors, and the truth always wins out," Monjack says. "I hope people have the sense to really understand that everything was beautiful and wonderful in our relationship and so pure."

Regardless of what people think of Simon, he’s obviously in a lot of pain, and he deserves to have the media leave him and Sharon alone for the time being.