Brittany Murphy's Husband Creeping on Her Mother

April 29, 2010 By:
Brittany Murphy's Husband Creeping on Her Mother

Brittany Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack has always rubbed us the wrong way. Since her death, when we logically should be feeling sorry for the guy, we get a really bad vibe from him.

And now we hear this. Rumor has it Simon and Brittany’s mother Sharon have been getting a little too close for comfort. As Hollyscoop has previously reported, the two continue to live in Brittany’s house in LA. They vehemently deny anything is going on between them, but a number of Brittany's close Hollywood friends have been buzzing about it.

One friend told the Chicago Sun-Times they couldn’t believe ''the creepiness of it all.''

Meanwhile, Monjack and Murphy are busy trying to sell a tell-all book about Brittany’s life. Apparently no one wants anything to do with it. A longtime work associate of Brittany’s says, ''Sadly, unless that book reveals some pretty salacious stuff -- which I doubt they have, except for eating-disorder and prescription-drug stuff -- it's not enough to sell many books.”

This guy is definitely a creep. He acts like he’s so upset—which he probably is—but then why isn’t he mourning like a normal person? It’s like he’s trying so hard to cash in on her fame. And if they really are in a secret relationship, that proves our theory that all was not well at the time of Brittany’s death.