Brittany Murphy's Husband Contemplating Suicide

January 8, 2010 By:
Brittany Murphy's Husband Contemplating Suicide

It’s been just a couple of weeks since the tragic death of Brittany Murphy. And while the press has stopped running stories about the actress, her husband Simon Monjack is still in a lot of agony.

According to People, Monjack is so upset with the loss of his wife that he’s contemplating taking his own life. His mother Linda says he breaks down in tears often.

She says, "Simon is exactly as you would expect someone to be who has just lost the woman he loved. Some days he wants to kill himself, and other days he seems to be coping better. He is distraught. I speak to him everyday, and he is often in tears."

Monjack's mother also talks about why Simon didn’t want to have an autopsy done. Linda explains, "He didn't want the autopsy for the reason that anybody wouldn't want his nearest and dearest to be cut open. He realized pretty quickly that he had to agree to it, and he's waiting for the results. He wants to know what happened."

Since Brittany’s death, Simon and her mother Sharon have become close to one another, and lean on each other for support. "He's very strong, and he's got Sharon,” says his mother. “They're very close, and they're keeping each other going. Simon's life has been shattered. He needs closure to be able to get on with it. They truly loved each other. I don't think they ever spent more than a few days apart. They were going to start a family this year."

Poor guy! We’re glad Sharon and Simon have each other at this time at the very least.