Brittany Murphy Does Lifetime Movies Now

March 16, 2009 By:
Brittany Murphy Does Lifetime Movies Now

Brittany Murphy’s career has pretty much gone kaput in recent years, causing her to commit actress suicide by doing a Lifetime movie.

She and Jason Lewis (yes that Jason Lewis) star in the Lifetime original Tribute next month.

Brittany stars as Cilla McGowan, a former child star who restores old houses as a hobby. She decided to buy her grandmother’s old farmhouse in Virginia to rescue it from devastation.

That’s where she meets Ford Sawyer, played by Lewis, the hot neighbor who is there to protect Cilla when she starts having nightmares about her grandmother and other family secrets.

Sounds like a typical Lifetime movie! Cue the Skinemax-style love scenes and cheesy music!

Brittany and Jason have both stooped pretty low to be doing this kind of work, but hey, at least they’re not complaining about it like other actors!

They probably realize the state of the economy, and even though it’s Lifetime, it’s better than most 9-5’s! Catch Tribute on April 11th at 9PM on Lifetime.