'X Factor' Judges Walk Out Of Kansas City Audition

June 11, 2012 By:
'X Factor' Judges Walk Out Of Kansas City Audition

Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and those other guys on "The X Factor" all walked off the set during an audition Saturday, reportedly because the contestant singing was so bad that “[the judges] didn’t want to waste their time.”

Proving that "The X Factor" is turning into a battle of who-is-the-bigger-drama-queen, the judges crew were auditioning singers in Kansas City when one horrible contestant stood on stage with his back to the judges and belted out some really bad vocal “skills.”

“It was really awkward,” says an audience member, “You could tell the judges were done.”

“He was one of the worst singers and had a bad attitude…[The judges] all hated it and walked off,” says a different audience member, “I don’t think they had a choice…They didn’t want to waste their time.”

Instead of being polite and cutting the guy's audition short and moving on to the next contestant, all four judges stood up and walked away! From now on, whenever this happens, I’m going to call this “Pulling a Britney.” [http://www.hollyscoop.com/britney-spears/britney-spears-walks-off-during...

UK "X Factor" judge Louis Walsh was subbing for a sick Simon Cowell. Anyway, after the judges collected themselves they finally returned to the stage EXCEPT BRITNEY!

“There goes Britney, pulling a Britney!” – everyone, probably.

The crowd started chanting “Where’s Britney?”

Britney finally returned for the second show taping later in the day.

Like I said, Drama Queens.