Why Britney Spears is Still on Top

March 9, 2011 By:
Why Britney Spears is Still on Top

Even with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry around, fans keep going back to that old staple they love and know so well: Britney Spears.

Despite years of hiatus and Cheetos-binging, Britney continues to stay at the top of the charts, maintaining her status as pop princess. Her newly released "Hold It Against Me" shot to the top of the charts, as did her 2008 release of "Circus". But colleagues like Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson haven't had the same luck with their albums.

Where are all of the people who are listening to Britney enough to keep her at the top? Because I haven't met any of them. Are these the same people who are watching Glee?

"Aguilera obviously is a better singer, but Britney has much better songs than her. Spears works with the best producers, songwriters, even her videos are more memorable,” said David Schulhof, Entertainment Expert and Chief Executive Officer, E2 Group LLC. “She’s more of a pop icon."

Entertainment is the only industry where you can be mediocre—teetering on awful—and still be the best at what you do. No one would ever say, "Oh, he's a shitty construction worker. But he danced around as a Catholic schoolgirl once, so we keep him around as an icon."

Britney was also recently interviewed in Out Magazine, where she called Aguilera "truly talented".

She also told the magazine, that as an adolescent she wanted to be an entertainment lawyer. "I always knew I would be in this business somehow. I think this path worked out way better!"

Probably because being a lawyer requires, you know, having to know about laws and stuff. And not asking the judge if he can "bang that big ol' hammer thingee like the Flintstone baby."