VIDEO: Britney Spears Learns Gangnam Dance on The Ellen Show

September 11, 2012 By:
VIDEO: Britney Spears Learns Gangnam Dance on The Ellen Show

Britney Spears made her first TV interview to promote “The X Factor” on The Ellen Show today and can I just say that she cleans up well. If you thought the dark roots and smudgy eye-liner look she’s been rocking on “The X Factor” was here to stay, fortunately Brit ditched her usually blah-efforts and showed up to Ellen looking 50-Shades-of-Stepford-Wives.

Britney was joined on the couch by Simon Cowell and they witty-bantered about who is the “mean” judge and why “The Voice” sucks, but mostly you should care about this because Britney learned how to do that silly “Gangnam Style” dance.

The “Gangnam” head-honcho Psy busts out onto the stage to teach Brit how to do the dance and she surprisingly hasn’t forgotten how to move. But she still has that robotic manicured look of someone who’s been told how to act for far too long.

Anyways, as for the interview portion of the show, Simon joked that Britney is the new “mean” judge.

“I’ve never heard someone say NO, so fast,” Simon says of Britney’s judging tactic on the show.

“I used constructive criticism” Britney says in her defense.

Simon also revealed how it only took Britney three phone calls to agree to join “The X Factor” and then shot down those confusing rumors on how Britney “almost quit” on Day 1 of filming.

Even though Simon told TMZ how Britney was considering walking off the show that day after suffering panic attacks, they both backtracked to Ellen, telling her how Britney had just taken a long “lunch break” and Simon even said “No, Britney was just using the loo!” So what is it? Bathroom or lunch break? Clearly, she had a panic attack and almost quit the show.

Simon also revealed that most likely the new Host of “The X Factor” will be Khloe Kardashian.

“It might be a Kardashian” Simon teased to Ellen.

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