Video: Britney Spears & Demi Lovato Dish On 'X Factor' San Francisco

June 20, 2012 By:

Britney Spears and Demi Lovato have found their groove and it's finally beginning to show.

The X Factor judges were all smiles as they arrived to screaming hoards of fans in San Francisco earlier this week. They mingled, autographed and posed as they tried to explain what it is that they are really looking for in a performer.

On Monday, we covered how lovely the two female judges were looking as they hit the bay area.

Now video has been released featuring the judges as they share with potential viewers and fans what the San Francisco auditions has delivered so far.

Demi Lovato states that, "The talent here has been pretty great." And both Demi and Britney Spears agree that the competitors level of competence is, "definitely better than Kansas City."

After smiling for the cameras, Spears elaborates on her contributions to the line-up, "I think I'm a fair judge."

And she seems determined to treat rising hopefuls with a bit more tenderness than we have shown her over the years.

"Sometimes its kind of hard because I know what they've been through, and being so young and achieving their dreams and stuff. It's such a subtle and delicate situation when they're that young. So you have to use constructive criticism and be there for them and just show them support."

She leaves the harshness for a very willing Simon Cowell.

When asked to define what they think this "X Factor" actually is, Spears says,"I'm really just looking for something that shows spark and spunk and someone that's meant to do what they're doing, and it shows."

For Lovato it's, "the sparkle in the artists eyes, it's the way that they command a room when they walk into a room or step on stage. And I think thats what we're looking for, if we were just looking for good voices we wouldn't have put some of the people through that we put through today."

And for possibly the best answer, fellow judge LA Reid offers up,"If I looked up X Factor in the dictionary there'd be a photograph of Britney Spears. There'd be a photograph of Demi Lovato. Thats the X Factor."

And he's right, for this season at least, these girls have totally made the show and it hasn't even been on TV yet!

The X Factor is scheduled to premiere September 12 on Fox.