Stevie Nicks: Britney's Not a Real Rock Star

April 3, 2009 By:
Stevie Nicks: Britney's Not a Real Rock Star

Britney Spears may be one of the biggest stars of our generation, but does she deserve the title of rock star? According to Stevie Nicks, no!

Stevie has been a fixture in the music biz for ages, and is famous for her edgy songs like Stand Back and Stop Draggin My Heart Around. She knows a thing or two about the industry by now, and is still rocking out at age 60!

And Stevie isn’t exactly feeling the love for Britney, and she’s not convinced she’s a true rocker. Stevie recently told Extra, "You have to pay dues to be a real rock star." Ouch! Hitting her where it hurts! Apparently everything Britney’s gone through in her life isn’t enough!

She went on to say, , "It's different in that Britney did not join a band when she was 18 and practice every day for five hours Monday through Friday and then play gigs Friday, Saturday and Sunday."

Well, we’ll chalk it up to different times. Stevie definitely deserves the respect she’s gotten as a female rocker in the industry. But we have to give Britney big ups for overcoming all of her obstacles and still reigning as one of the top pop queens ever. She may not be a rock star, but she’s definitely a hitmaker!