Stars Get Thankful This Season

November 22, 2012 By:
Stars Get Thankful This Season


With the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy still being felt along the shores of the East Coast, it’s important to remember the things that matter most in our lives. 

Like the rest of the world, celebrities are doing just that.

Here’s what some celebs told Hollyscoop they’re most grateful for this holiday: 

Britney Spears: Like most of us, Britney is thankful for family, and is looking forward to celebrating together with a Thanksgiving meal. “We’re just going to cook and do the whole meal thing,” she said.

Joanna Krupa: “I will say the last two years, like this year and last year I was on the plane to Poland to shoot top model, so gosh… It's hard to say — just being with the family … I'm going to be boring with my answer, but being with the family because you know especially my schedule is just so busy you're always traveling and when I could be with them I think that's the most important thing,” she said at the Us Weekly Magazine's Music Party with a performance by The Wanted.

Patti Stanger: The “Millionaire Matchmaker” and her family are thankful for football… “We’re going to Dallas to see the Dallas Cowboys game. Yeah... we're going on Tuesday — really excited,” said Patti.

Viola Davis: “I'm thankful for all the love in my life, I think that's what gets you up in the morning. You never want to go through life alone. My husband, my daughter, my mom, all the people who really have my back and who really help me and who are always helping me… I'm thankful that God blessed me,” the iconic actress said at the Friendly House LA Annual Awards Luncheon Gala in her honor.

Kate Mara: “A lot of things… my family,” said Kate at the opening of Kimberly Snyder's Glow Bio juice bar.

Kat Sadler: “It's always family. It's always, always number one. Family and health and friends and the relationships that I have that are real,” said Kat.

Dennis Haysbert: “My family. My health. A nice reassurance of my career,” the actor said.

Abigail Spencer: “Oh my gosh, I'm so thankful for my son, I have the most beautiful 4 year old just so thankful for him,” said Abigail.

Jamie Lee Curtis: Among other things, the scream queen will be celebrating her birthday! “Oh it's my birthday on Thanksgiving,” she said.

Neyo: “I am most thankful for two healthy and beautiful children. I am most thankful for the fact that I just released my fifth studio album. You know, this is a very fickle business, so the fact that I'm at my fifth album means that the love that my fans give me is real … I'm very grateful for that and I'm grateful that Barack Obama is back in office. I like to feel like I played a part in that ‘cause I voted,” the R&B singer said at the Teen Nick Halo Awards.

Swizz Beatz: “I'm thankful to be able to have a roof over my head and a family to go home too and family to share with and some great cooks around the house,” he said.