Sneak Peak at Britney's Tour Costume

December 10, 2008 By:
Sneak Peak at Britney's Tour Costume

If there's anything Britney Spears is infamous for (aside from the whole shaving head thing) it's her onstage costumes. She may put on an amazing show, but her outfits tend to make headlines of their own. And her upcoming Circus tour is sure to be no exception.

Hollyscoop got an exclusive look at the designer corset from David and Phillippe Blond that Britney sports on the inside of her Circus Album.

The silver sparkler was such a hit with Britney, it might make a cameo on stage soon. Sources tell Hollyscoop exclusively that Britney's camp has been in talks for the Blond's to also design outfits for her upcoming tour.

A source close to the Blond's said that "They will only be designing for Britney's tour outfits and not any of her dancers, etc. They are super excited about this project."

She may have to work extra hard at the gym building up some muscles because although she loved the corset, she found it to be "extremely heavy," says a source.

Mauricio Padilha, who represents the Blond's out of NY told Hollyscoop, "They have already submitted sketches. They may even be making her a Swarovski crystal mask to match one of the corsets for the tour."

You can check out more of Blond’s work, which includes outfits seen on Rihanna and Katy Perry on his official Myspace page and don’t forget to book tickets for her upcoming tour.