Shar: Kids Think Kevin's New Girlfriend Is Cool

January 19, 2009 By:
Shar: Kids Think Kevin's New Girlfriend Is Cool

When your baby daddy leaves you for the world’s most famous pop star, the only thing you can do is pick up the pieces and move on, right? Well that’s exactly what Shar Jackson did when her ex Kevin Federline left her for Britney Spears.

Several years later, Shar says she not only doesn’t have any bad feelings towards Britney, she’s actually really proud of her.

“I think that her comeback has proven a lot of people wrong. And I’m really proud of her. I think she’s doing her thing,” Shar told exclusively at the House of Hype ‘Push’ movie after party at the Sundance Film Festival.

“Womanizer is one of my favorite songs right now, its my ring tone right now…maybe I can relate,” she joked. “I just feel that song.”

Speaking about ex’s, during a recent interview with Life & Style magazine, Shar said that her and ex K-Fed won’t introduce their girlfriends/boyfriends to their kids until things start to get serious.

"If I decide to date someone, it will be a while before my kids meet that person, and it's the same with Kevin," Shar told the magazine just a few weeks ago.

Well it sounds like things are starting to heat up between K-Fed and current girlfriend Victoria Prince because their kids have not only met her, but they think “she’s cool.”

“I met her once and she was really cool. But that’s as far as I want to get involved in that. But the kids have spent a little time with her and thought she was pretty cool. So that’s all that matters, as long as they think she’s cool.”

If he’s already introduced his kids with Shar to Victoria, could Jayden James and Sean Preston be next? Britney doesn’t seem like she would take the introduction well. What are your thoughts on Kevin’s new girlfriend? He’s only been dating her for a couple of months, so is it too soon for him to be introducing her to his kids?