Sam Wants Britney To Take the Stand

March 4, 2008 By:
Sam Wants Britney To Take the Stand

Certified douche bag Sam Lutfi wants Britney Spears to help him overturn the restraining order that was issued against him last month.

Apparently Sam contacted Britney via a third party (Ali Sims??) to in order to get the restraining order lifted and get her back under his control.

"I am going to call Britney to the stand so she can tell the world how I was helping her," Sam reportedly said. "I am innocent. I am Britney's friend and would never hurt her."

Based on his past, that’s pretty hard to believe. If he were her "friend" he wouldn't be drugging her in order to control every aspect of her life.

The circus is due back in court on March 17.