Sam Lutfi Wanted to Be Britney's Conservator

February 2, 2009 By:
Sam Lutfi Wanted to Be Britney's Conservator

Just days after Britney Spears's dad Jamie filed a restraining order against her ex manager Sam Lutfi, a letter he wrote to the pop star has leaked.

In court documents leaked online, Lutfi is alleged to have instructed his lawyer, Jon Eardley, to write to Spears informing her of his plan to get her out of hospital and win back custody of her kids.

The letter reads: "I have developed a legal strategy for you that I am confident will turn everything around, and ultimately garner you full custody of your children within approximately 30 to 60 days.

"They will not be happy until they have denied you your freedom and milked you for your last dime. The custody case, as you know, is nothing more than a flat out extortion scheme, with your children being used as pawns. Your case will continue to spiral until they have denied you your freedom, your children and your assets...

"Please recognize that aside from some anxiety and depression, which are totally normal under these circumstances, there is nothing wrong with you, but that the court system routinely engages in character assassination to conceal its internal bias and to break you down.
"What they ultimately want is to get you into a conservatorship; at that point, your freedom will be denied, giving them the full opportunity to steal all of your money and to deny you any access to your children."

If this guy thinks he has any chance of becoming a co-conservator of her estate, he's more nuts than she was last year. And she made two trips to the psych ward!

The case is set to be heard once again on February 23rd. Let's hope the judge makes this restraining order permanent because this guy is bad news!