Sam Lutfi Sues Britney

February 3, 2009 By:
Sam Lutfi Sues Britney

Just when we thought d-bag Sam Lutfi was out of Britney Spears' life, he reared his ugly head again.

Last week Britney's dad Jamie filed a restraining order against Sam and her ex beau Adnan Ghalib.

The restraining order didn't sit well with Sam because he filed a lawsuit against Britney and her family alleging that they "began a campaign of slander, libel and defamation aimed at discrediting, destroying and physically and emotionally intimidating Lutfi in order to drive him out of Britney's life."

Additionally, the lawsuit alleges: "Despite seemingly accomplishing their objectives, Jamie and Lynne have nevertheless continued their smear campaign against Lutfi. Thus, having no other alternative, Lutfi brings this action to defend himself against Jamie's and Lynne's persistent attacks."

Sam is also claiming that Britney broke a contract and owes him a ton of money in unpaid management fees.

Maybe Britney should counter sue his a** for allegedly drugging her and almost ruining her career.

UPDATE: According to, Lutfi claims he and Britney had an oral agreement that he would be compensated 15 percent of her earnings as her manager. He says he has confirmation of the agreement via text message. It read: "sam, so thats fine, i want you to be my manager, you were right its 15 percent of my money but for 4 years not 5."