Sam Lutfi Faces Foreclosure

February 4, 2009 By:
Sam Lutfi Faces Foreclosure

It all makes sense now! Britney Spears’ d-bag ex manager Sam Lutfi is facing foreclosure on his home in California after running up more than $18,000 in debt.

This comes just one day after Lutfi filed a lawsuit against Britney and her family accusing them of defamation, and claiming Britney owes him millions in back pay.

He reportedly owes thousands of dollars to a debt collection agency and since he can’t pay up (why couldn’t he get a regular job!?) the agency has put a lien on his house.

He has until February 10 to pay the debt off or else his home faces foreclosure. Tick tock, time’s a ticking d-bag!

Up until a few months ago, Lutfi was still making a ton of money off of Britney. He would find out where she was going to be during the day and arrange for paparazzi to show up. He had an agreement with several photog agencies where he would get a percentage of all the photos that were sold of her.

Luckily her father Jamie figured out his plan and has cut off all communication between him and Britney. Just last Friday a judge granted Britney a restraining order so Sam is no longer allowed to call, text, or see her. Ah gotta love the karma in all this. He nearly ruined her life and now he’s going to be homeless.