Sam Lutfi Claims Jamie Spears Assaulted Him

May 15, 2009 By:
Sam Lutfi Claims Jamie Spears Assaulted Him

Britney Spears ex manager Sam Lutfi and her father Jamie Spears may be heading back to court, but this time it's for alleged assault charges.

Lufti is taking Jamie Spears to court claiming Britney's father assaulted him last year by punching him in the chest.

But Jamie has hit back at the allegations, filing his own legal papers at an L.A. court on Thursday in which he maintains he should be "privileged to use force in and about the matter complained."

Although Jamie Spears does not admit assaulting Lutfi, he claims "he was provoked" during the incident.

According to TMZ, the documents say the courts should acknowledge that "any necessary force may be used to protect from wrongful injury the person or property of oneself, or a wife, husband, child, parent or other relative or member of one's family."

We're starting to think Sam Lutfi just likes hanging out in courtrooms. He's been trying to battle the restraining order against him for almost a year and now this?!

Jamie already asked that Lutfi be responsible for all attorney and court fees, so hopefully if that passes, it'll be the last we hear about the Lufti/Spears clan and their legal issues.