Sam Lufti Convinced Britney Spears Had Meth In Her House

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Sam Lufti Convinced Britney Spears Had Meth In Her House
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At the start of the Britney Spears/Sam Lufti trial, Sam alleged that Britney was hooked on prescription drugs but also had a stash of meth in her house.

Then last week Britney’s former nanny, Leah Frand, came out of nowhere and said that Britney Spears was never doing meth and that Sam Lufti is a complete loser and a scary control freak.

Now, Sam Lufti is firing back and is like “no, Leah, you don’t even know, Britney definitely DID have a stash of meth at her house.”

TMZ is reporting that Sam says Leah only worked for Brit for one week. She was fired when she was caught stealing one of Britney’s dresses.

However, Leah claimed to have worked for Brit for a full 6 months during 2007 and says during that time she never saw any drugs in the house.

Leah is all Pro-Britney and we want to believe her-- and at this point Sam has a lawsuit he’s trying to win--so I don’t know how trust-worthy he is, or ever was?

Sam is still standing by his claim that while he never saw Britney smoking the crystal meth (that’s what you do with meth right? You smoke it? Sorry, I don’t watch ‘Breaking Bad.’) he insists that he found a stash of it in her home and Britney supposedly told him that it belonged to her.

And then Sam threw in some details about Britney’s Adderall addiction, basically to spoil her image even more, saying Britney had a legal Adderall prescription but she popped pills like a college student pulling an all-nighter.

I don’t know who to believe, probably neither. If only we had an unbiased source close to Britney who could spill the REAL deets. Is there a back-up dancer willing to talk?