Ryan Seacrest Talks To Sam Lufti

January 17, 2008 By:
Ryan Seacrest Talks To Sam Lufti

Ryan Seacrest talked to Sam Lufti to clear up some of the latest Britney shenanigans. Sam says Britney's middle of the night shopping spree was inspired by sheer boredom, and there's nothing to worry about regarding her mental health. He says she'll be able to see her kids "very soon" too.

He also says Brit has no intentions of getting married with Adnan, but didn't mention anything about their current status of their relationship.

To listen to the entire phone conversation click here.

In more Britney news, it looks like we don’t need to worry about her being pregnant because she was apparently buying a pregnancy test for a “friend.”

What friend? Adnan and Sam are the only people she hangs out with, and he can't get pregnant. Seriously Brit, just look a little down the aisle, past the pregger tests, and that's where they generally keep the CONDOMS. Might be a smart move.