Rumor Control: Is Britney Shopping Around a Reality Show?

November 19, 2010 By:
Rumor Control: Is Britney Shopping Around a Reality Show?

Oh to be a fly on Britney Spears' wall. Most of us would love to spend a day with Ms. Britney and get a first hand look at the bubble she lives in, so when a report about a Britney reality show made it's way around on Thursday, most Britney fans almost peed their pants from excitement.

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But is she really in negotiations for her own reality show? Nope! Britney's camp denied the rumors on her official website under the category BS.

They didn't even bother releasing a statement about the rumor, they simply did a screen shot of the report and stamped a huge "Bullshit" sign on it.

According to the report the reality show was going to document her releasing another album. Snoozefest! I would love to watch a Big Brother style reality show with Brit. I can only imagine what goes down in her house. Love Britney but she doesn't exactly live on planet Earth anymore. Bet that pink wig is still in the back of her closet somewhere dying to make another cameo.