Reunited....And It Feels So Good!

May 7, 2008 By:
Reunited....And It Feels So Good!

This week's OK! Magazine
is gonna be realllll good! We've got the Jamie-Lynn Spears' baby shower y'all. Since OK! Magazine is BFF with the Spears household, they were invited to cover Jamie Lynn's baby shower, which her sister Britney attended. It was the first time Britney had been back home in a pretty long time so it was a pretty big deal.

Here are some tidbits we can expect from the interview:

Jamie-Lynn on seeing her older sister for the first time in months: “It was wonderful to be able to spend time with her and just be girls again. We painted our nails and did stupid stuff. To be able to be in the privacy of our own home and just be sisters again was wonderful.”

Jamie-Lynn on Britney's advice: “She told me, ‘There are going to be some long nights, but it is completely worth it."

Jamie-Lynn on Britney coming back home for the birth of the baby:
“Nothing is set in stone, but that would be wonderful. I’d love to have her here for that, but you can’t plan that far ahead.”