Report: Britney Spears Closing Deal To Judge 'X-Factor'

March 9, 2012 By:
Report: Britney Spears Closing Deal To Judge 'X-Factor'

"I'ma be on that talent show, y'all!"

Two empty judging spots remain on Simon Cowell's 'X-Factor', but Britney Spears might soon be filling in one of them.

Spears has been rumored to be joining the show for a while now, and Cowell has been purposefully vague in addressing that rumor.

But a "well-placed" source tells The Hollywood Reporter that Spears' fiancé, Jason Trawick, is negotiating the contract which might be signed next week.

According to an insider, Simon was the one who initially approached Spears. Back in February, Cowell said of the Spears rumor:

"Are we flattered that there could be interest? Yes." But he went on to say he "can't confirm or deny any of those rumors at the moment."

The show not only judges the talent, it mentors them, too. And that's huge—having Britney Spears as a performance mentor. Lesson #1: How to distract with a lap dance when you're too f-cking tired to do any actual dancing.

Spears is signed to Sony Music's RCA Records, which also has exclusive rights to 'X-Factor's artists. Spears is one of Sony's biggest acts, with 33 million albums sold in the U.S, so according to The Hollywood Reporter: she "brings legitimacy as a successful recording artist."

I didn’t want to be the one to say it on the heels of Nicole and Paula's exit. But Britney also brings a drama factor that we didn't really see from the first season of the show, unless you count Nicole crushing that little girl's heart. That was pretty entertaining.