Radio DJs Diss Britney Spears After Bad Interview

October 8, 2013 By:
Radio DJs Diss Britney Spears After Bad Interview
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Miss Britney Spears is the greatest living robot in Hollywood. She’s been superstar famous for about 15 years and she shows up to interviews with her answers locked and loaded. Honestly, she could do interviews in her sleep at this point because she’s such a pro...or is she?

Britney did an interview with The Roula & Ryan Show and apparently would only answer three pre-scripted questions and even then she gave “yes or no” answers. When they decided to go off-book and ask something outside the three pre-arranged questions, Britney responded as if they just asked her how to reverse the government shutdown. Speechless.

Anyways, the radio station wasn’t allowed to play the interview, so instead they filled that time by going OFF on how upset they were with her weak answers.

A source close to Britney claims they wouldn't allow the interview to air because the radio DJ's were cussing and it offended Britney, so Brit's team just scrapped the whole interview. 

Here's what the DJ's had to say about it. Listen below.