Pap Talks About Sex With Britney

January 13, 2008 By:
Pap Talks About Sex With Britney

Britney Spears' pap boyfriend Adnan Ghalib isn't just making money off her photos, he's also bragging to friends about their wild sex life.

A pal says, "Last week he called up to say how she is amazing in bed and gets turned on by him talking dirty in his Brummie (Birmingham) accent.

"He said he'd struck gold in all ways and was going to keep hold of her for as long as he could."

Meanwhile, Adnan's parents are reportedly so ashamed of his behavior they have disowned him.

A family member tells British newspaper the News Of The World, "His parents Ghalib and Saghra are devastated. This week his dad gave him an ultimatum: 'Give up Britney, or you are dead to me' - which Adnan ignored."

In other Britney news, she's due in court tomorrow morning for another custody battle but who knows if she'll actually show up. She seems too preoccupied with her married boyfriend to remember her kids.