Our Top 5 Favorite Britney Spears' Funny Faces

December 14, 2012 By:
Our Top 5 Favorite Britney Spears' Funny Faces

Did you watch “The X Factor” last night? Stuff was getting heated, right? Also, Britney’s dress. How hot was that? That plunging neckline, those 80’s inspired shoulder pads? Flawless.

But how can we forget about Britney’s funny faces from last night. Gahhh, THOSE faces! In honor of Britney’s overly emotional facial habits, these are our favorite Britney funny faces since the start of “The X Factor.”

Britney making a face that could either be saying “who farted?” OR “I can’t believe Simon Cowell’s girl group just made it into the top three, by process of elimination that means that Carly Rose Sonenclar could potentially be voted off.”

Britney obviously very upset. I can only assume that one of her acts went home OR she had to listen to more music from Emblem 3. 

Britney making a “lemme think about that” crossed with an “I’m just very confused” face.

Britney making an “OMG your back story is SOO SAD. I can’t believe you had to go to military academy yet you still persevered and learned how to sing that Adele song!”

Britney just moments after she heard thunder outside the stadium where they were auditioning singers. Britney is obviously very threatened by the sound of thunder.