No Changes In Britney's Custody Case

February 4, 2008 By:
No Changes In Britney's Custody Case

As we mentioned earlier this morning, Britney Spears' peeps were in court today to request that Spears be allowed to see her sons "in a therapeutic setting."

Fortunately, no changes were made in the custody hearing, but it will be continued on February 19. Her children really shouldn't see her in the state she's in.

Brit's father Jamie, who is now a co-conservator of her affairs, will also be in court later today. Her lawyer, Sorrell Trope will argue that Jamie should be removed as co-conservator because his daughter does not trust him.

I highly doubt the judge will remove Jamie as co-conservator because Britney's finally getting some much-needed help. According to previous reports, her parents are planning on hiring a third party financial consultant, to avoid media speculation that they are interested in spending Britney's money.

More drama coming your way soon, so stay tuned!

According to TMZ, Commissioner Gordon did not give the conservators the power to fire Trope and Trope, Britney's divorce lawyers.

The Commissioner said, based on the restraining order, Sam Lutfi can have no contact whatsoever with Britney, including e-mails, or phone contact.