Most Glorious Belly Button Rings of the '00s

February 7, 2014 By:
Most Glorious Belly Button Rings of the '00s

Navel piercings were at the height of their popularity in the early '00s. They were so common and ridiculous, they were basically like Furbys for your belly buttons.

Every movie star and pop star seemed to have one for a short-lived period, but not all were made equal. We've gathered the most glorious belly button rings of the early '00s. NEVER FORGET.

1. Beyoncé’s

Queen Bey-lly button ring.


2. Britney Spears’

Practically iconic. This belly button ring belts, "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman," but also, "I'm not that innocent."


3. Kelly Clarkson’s

Subdued, but re-belly-ious.


4. Janet Jackson’s

Any excuse to show off those abs. She also wanted to let us know it belonged to "JD" (Jermaine Dupri).


5. Ginger Spice’s

Of course, Ginger's was the spiciest of the group.


6. Lindsay Lohan’s

Movie trivia! If you look hard enough at the crystal in her belly button ring, the movie Thirteen starts playing.


7. Christina Milian’s

A belly button ring that could truly dip it low if needed.


8. Paris Hilton’s

Paris has had her belly button ring since her 33rd week in the womb.


9. Willa Ford

Willa's piercing makes being bad look so good, right?