More Jamie Lynn Pregnancy Drama

January 2, 2008 By:
More Jamie Lynn Pregnancy Drama

What a strange coincidence! A week after Star magazine reported that Britney's little sis Jamie Lynn is knocked up with another man's baby, there are reports that her boyfriend Casey Aldrige is cheating on her.

Although initial reports claimed that Jamie Lynn and Casey broke up earlier this past summer (06), the Spears' family insists that Casey is the baby daddy. And now Casey is now getting heat for allegedly cheating on Jamie Lynn with some chick named Whitney Seals from Mississippi.

Seals' brother Kevin told "Whitney and Casey have been dating for months. I know Jamie Lynn was really upset and jealous when she found out about it."

Recent reports suggest that the Spears' family is paying Casey off to pretend to be the father of Jamie Lynn's child. The real father is rumored to be a much older executive on the set of her hit TV show 'Zoey 101.'

Britney should really consider hiring her little sister's PR company, they're doing a great job of covering stories up with other stories. I don't even know what to believe anymore!