Lutfi Admits Giving Spears Handful of Pills

February 6, 2008 By:
Lutfi Admits Giving Spears Handful of Pills

Douchbag Lutfi, who has just about every paparazzi and tabloid magazine on speed dial, admits that he gave Britney Spears a handful of pills right before she was admitted to the psych ward on January 31st. "I said these pills are working wonders, they are miracle pills," he tells Us Weekly.

Lutfi continued, "In the depressive episodes, it's all crying," Lutfi tells Us. "But in the manic episode, there's very little crying or sympathy or compassion. She becomes another person. She becomes somebody that just doesn't care about anybody or anything."

"The British accent is part of the mania," he adds. "She'll stick to the British accent because she becomes comfortable with it... But you know, when the pink wig comes on, it's getting bad."

Lutfi's temporary restraining order is up in the next two weeks so I'm sure he's going to try to weasel his way into her life again. I can't believe he would be stupid enough to admit that he's been supplying her with pills that she not only didn't need, but were harmful to her health.