K-Fed's Publicist Quit

February 10, 2008 By:
K-Fed's Publicist Quit

Apparently we're not the only ones sick of the Spears vs. Federline battle. Kevin Federline's publicist Michael Sands no longer represents K-Fed and his lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan because he thinks they've gone too far in the custody battle.

He explains, "This is overkill, it made my stomach turn. Every time we had to go into court, yes we have to protect the kids. But every mother, healthy or unhealthy should see their kids... You can't blame someone for mental illness.

"Mark Vincent Kaplan needs to lay off. Everyone has to lay off before Britney dies accidentally."

Sands also thinks that K-Fed should stop hiding behind his gangsta lawyer and speak up about his ex's health condition. He tells Life & Style magazine, "Kevin Federline needs to get on TV and say, 'I'm learning about Britney's bipolar disorder.' "He needs to step up to the plate and not hide behind the shield of his lawyer and be a man. He could become a hero instead of hiding... He's got to step up and help Britney."

Well said! I think they should allow Britney to see her kids as long as her parents and K-Fed are all there. She may have an illness, but at the end of the day she's still a mother and a mother needs to see her children.