K-Fed Saddened By Britney's Custody Loss

January 15, 2008 By:
K-Fed Saddened By Britney's Custody Loss

When your in the middle of a bitter custody battle, the guy with the mohawk is usually the one you don't want raising the kids, but in the case of Spears vs. Federline, Britney makes K-Fed look like 'Father of the Year.'

Britney made a quick peek-a-boo at court yesterday (after arriving 4 hours late) and then refused to enter the courthouse for their latest custody hearing. She spent the rest of the day sucking face with her married paparazzi boyfriend Adnan.

So how does Kevin feel about all this? K-Fed's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan says his client is "saddened his boys won't be able to see their mother and hopes the situation will one day be resolved."

He continued, "The word victory is not something that Mister Federline nor his counsel would ascribe to the result of the court ruling today. There is no joyous feeling in this, this is a grave situation for everyone. At some point, it is Mister Federline's hope to parent the minor children with participation from the mother."

Spears won't be able to see her children until February 19 but she seems too busy with her new boyfriend to even care.