K-Fed Out to Get Adnan

January 8, 2008 By:
K-Fed Out to Get Adnan

This Britney Spears saga is far from over so sit tight and try to keep up. Britney's ex hubbie Kevin Federline is reportedly getting ready to launch a legal battle against Britney's new married boy-toy photog Adnan Ghalib.

At first K-Fed wanted his legal team to find out if Adnan was legal and had all his immigration papers because he wanted him deported. It turns out Adnan married for a green card so he's cleared from being deported, but K-Fed has more tricks up his sleeve.

A source close to Federline said: “Kevin and his legal team want to get Britney away from him. They are concerned she has completely lost all sense of reality.

“Dating a photographer who has tailed her for months is like sleeping with the enemy.

“Kevin’s team want him sent home if he hasn’t got his papers in order. They also plan to bring Adnan before the court to explain why he took Britney into hiding when she really needed further medical attention.

Apparently Adnan originally became a photog because of Spears. He's been chasing her for over 18 months now. He reportedly told a close pal, “I’m going to bed Britney.”. Can you say 'Creep'??