K-Fed on His Two Boys: They're Fortunate Kids

July 27, 2009 By:
K-Fed on His Two Boys: They're Fortunate Kids

Sean Preston and Jayden James may have gone through a rough patch when Britney Spears and Kevin Federline decided to divorce, but it’s pretty impressive how they’ve kept their boys’ happiness a priority.

Britney has had majority custody of the boys while on her Circus tour, and Kevin is just fine with it, knowing they’ll soon be coming home to daddy…and possibly starring with daddy on a new reality show.

Hollyscoop caught up with Kevin Federline at the 2nd annual Ryan Sheckler X Games Celebrity Skins Classic and talked to him exclusively about his two pride and joys, and how lucky they are at such a young age.

We asked Kevin how Sean and Jayden were doing, and he told us, “They're doing good. We just got back, we had a good time overseas. We had a lot of fun, got to go see a bunch of things, you know, they're fortunate kids. Not everyone gets to do that at that age.

Kevin is obviously referring to the fact that Sean and Jayden have been traveling all over the world with their mother Britney on her tour. And while it may sound crazy, that’s their life!

We also asked Kevin if he plans on teaching his two boys how golf and dance, which are two of his favorite things to do. K-Fed told Hollyscoop exclusively, “I think you know they're gonna be more into sports. They love dancing and pick up on things really well. But I think they'll be more into sports. They seem really really sports oriented. One of them wants to race cars already and go fast every time he sees cars, like Nascar-ready.”

When we asked Kevin if there’s was a chance we’d be seeing Sean and Jayden on the small screen with him for his upcoming reality show, he told Hollyscoop, “I have no idea.”

It’s good to hear that Kevin ad Britney are focused on doing everything they can to raise their two boys properly, even if they aren’t together. Those are two very lucky boys!