Judge Gives Britney's Dad a Raise

December 23, 2008 By:
Judge Gives Britney's Dad a Raise

While times may be rough, the Bank of Britney is always open. The judge in the Britney Spears conservatorship case has just ordered Brit to pay up--big time.

Britney's dad Jamie, who was originally getting $10,000 a month to be her full time babysitter, just got a raise. His monthly pay was upped to $16,125 a month. Britney is also ordered to pay for an office space for her dad, which will cost her about $1200 a month.

Why the raise? The judge felt that Jamie was doing a superb job with Britney (and he really is!) and felt that he should be compensated for the extra time he's putting into planning her upcoming tour.

Christmas also came early for Britney's brother Bryan, who was granted $200,000 (of Britney's money) from the judge for "services he rendered prior to the time the conservatorship was established." Sounds like it really pays to be a Spears!

In other Britney news, Kevin Federline has generously agreed to let her have their two boys during New Years so he can fly to Vegas with his girlfriend and party. Both Brit and K-Fed will spend Christmas together with the kids at his Encino pad. Wonder how long it'll be before we start hearing more 'Britney and K-Fed Back On’ rumors?