Jayden's Hospital Run May Cost Brit Her Custody

November 11, 2008 By:
Jayden's Hospital Run May Cost Brit Her Custody

We never even thought about this scenario until it was brought to our attention! We hear that Jayden James’ recent trip to the hospital may have an effect on Britney Spears' current custody situation with her two boys.

Britney’s rep announced that JJ was rushed to the hospital for a “reaction to something he ingested.”

But even though he’s been released and appears to be fine, LA-based lawyer Lynn Soodik tells E! News that Kevin’s lawyers may be looking into whether or not Brit was negligent. Soodik says, "If she was negligent—for example, he couldn't eats nuts or shrimp and she fed him that—then Kevin could go in and get an order modifying custody.”

Kevin’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan had no comment, but it shows that Kevin may have options if it comes down to it. Well, hopefully for Brit’s sake, Jayden really was allergic and didn’t have a predisposed allergy to something that Britney as the mother should know about. She’s been through enough in the last few months!