Is Britney Trying to End her Father's Control?

April 2, 2009 By:
Is Britney Trying to End her Father's Control?

It's pretty obvious that Britney Spears is not the kind of girl who likes being on lock down-especially when it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The pop star, who recently described her life as a never ending prison sentence, is allegedly tired of being under her fathers control and is reportedly seeking help from her ex manager Sam Lutfi.

Lutfi's sister Christina has been involved in a plot surrounding Britney and Sam. She admits that she secretly delivered a pre-paid cell phone to Britney recently so she can be in contact with Sam--the same guy who admitted to drugging her.

"[Britney] told me she wanted to get a hold of Sam," said Christina, 25.

"She wanted him to help her find a lawyer, and wanted someone to get a prepaid cell phone to her. She was scared because her father was blackmailing her with visitation rights over her kids."

Lutfi's attorney, Bryan Freedman, has denied his client has committed any wrongdoing.

"Sam's only crime was trying to help out a friend," Freedman tells People. "When someone asks for your help, that person is obviously not scared of you or in need of a restraining order."

Sounds like a game of he-said, she-said. While we'll probably never know if Britney really is seeking help from Sam, one things for sure, he was definitely a horrible influence on her!

She may be "in prison" right now, but she's never been healthier, she has her career back on track, and most importantly she has her two boys back in her life.

The only way Britney can break free from her fathers control is if she proves to a court, backed by doctors' opinions, that she can handle her own affairs. What are your thoughts on her situation? Think she can handle her own affairs?