How Britney Spears is Getting in Shape for Vegas Residency

August 7, 2013 By:
How Britney Spears is Getting in Shape for Vegas Residency

Britney Spears’ next career move is heading to Vegas for a residency to rival Celine DionElton John and Cher combined.

But, last time we checked, Britney wasn’t exactly in “Slave 4 U” shape. If Britney put out an album called “Soccer Moms Love Cheetos,” then YES Britney would be 100% ready for Vegas.

Brit has apparently been spending every waking hour getting in shape for the residency and here’s how she’s doing it.

Her trainer Tony Martinez says she’s doing 90 minutes of yoga twice a week (“she loves yoga. That’s her zen,” says Tony) and does cardio, such as sprints, jumping rope, basketball drills and boxing three times a week.

“She’s just dripping in sweat,” Tony told Life & Style, “But she wants more! She is tough – and so competitive.”

For Brit’s diet, she’s doing Nutrisystem’s portion-controlled meals and protein shakes, “Dieting is tough,” says Brit, “I love to cook…but I’ve cut way back for Vegas.”

“Being active and taking care of myself is a part of who I am,” says Brit, though we are struggling to believe it. Remember when she was smashing paparazzi cars with umbrellas and doing numerous drugs? Was taking care of herself a part of who she was then?

Well, people can change we suppose.