Giving Britney a Breather

January 9, 2008 By:
Giving Britney a Breather

In the wake of Britney Spears toxic week, both PETA and Mr. Blackwell decided to leave Spears off their annual worst dressed list.

Spears was leading PETA's annual online poll, but the suits decided she needed a little breather following her recent hospitalization and took her out of their list completely.

PETA's Dan Matthews says, "At this point, Britney needs a break - from everybody. Maybe when her head is clear, she'll have a change of heart about wearing fur. If not, we'll be back biting at her heels."

Mr. Blackwell had a change of heart this year as well. Spears is usually #1 on Mr. Blackwell's annual worst dressed list but he's giving her a break as well. He said, "I felt that it was inappropriate at this time to make comment, when her personal life is in such upheaval."

So who replaced Spears on both list? Kate Moss took the #1 spot for PETA and Victoria Beckham was voted 'Worst Dressed' by Mr. Blackwell. Check out Blackwell's full list HERE.