Fred Durst Recalls Romance With Britney

March 20, 2009 By:
Fred Durst Recalls Romance With Britney

Remember those rumors back in 2003 that Britney Spears was hooking up with Fred Durst? Well there may be some truth to it. Fred has just written a blog entry on his website saying that their romance was in fact real.

At the time, Britney went on TRL and said that she wasn’t dating Fred, and the two weren’t close. That seems to have been a little shot to the ego for Fred, because this is what he wrote today:

"I always stay true to my heart and true to everything I did and my intentions, and I am in no way a liar. It just became a fiasco of madness. I look back on it as very interesting how things have been sort of unraveling for her since. It is what it is. I can sleep at night knowing I made decisions that I wanted to make.

I just guess at the time it was taboo for a guy like me to be associated with a gal like her."

This isn’t the first time Fred has talked about the alleged affair. On his album Results May Vary, Fred reportedly wrote lyrics to one song called Just Drop Dead all about Britney, and sources say the lyrics were in retaliation to her denying their affair.

Well it certainly sounds like he’s telling the truth! And it would make sense for Britney to want to hide that at the time. But now that she’s been single for a while, maybe she should go for it! We’ve seen stranger couples before!