Former Idol Hopeful Arrested for Peeping Through Britney's Windows

April 17, 2009 By:
Former Idol Hopeful Arrested for Peeping Through Britney's Windows

A Britney Spears stalker was on the loose last night! Britney is back home in LA right now gearing up for her two shows at the Staples Center this weekend, and 26-year old Miranda Tozier-Robbins wanted to get a little closer to her.

Thank God Brit-Brit’s security is beefed up right now, because they were able to catch the stalker. Miranda was spotted by security guards peering into Britney’s windows of her Calabasas home, while dressed in camo fatigues, and carrying a backpack and video equipment.

Tozier-Robins was asked to leave the property by security personal before having to be physically escorted off the grounds and detained by a police deputy.

According to the police report, Miranda “balked at their requests” to get her off the property. She was later booked on the two charges. She was released on a citation to appear in Malibu Court on June 16th.

According to Miranda’s blog, she is a student at the New England Institute of Art and a former American Idol contestant who competed on Season 5. In one post, she claims to have sung Britney’s song Everytime during an audition.

What’s up with all these creep shows coming out of American Idol!?