Federal Judge Throws Out Britney Case

February 20, 2008 By:
Federal Judge Throws Out Britney Case

Ok so there's a whole lotta new drama surrounding the Britney Spears case going to federal court so try to keep up...I'll try to make it short and sweet.

It's so obvious that Sam Lutfi has teamed up with attorney Jon Eardley (the NYC based lawyer that filed paperwork last week) to get the case up to Federal Court. Eardley claims that Britney's civil rights are being violated and she supposedly hired him to take over the case.

Yesterday Britney's real lawyers filed paperwork asking the judge to ignore Eardley's request to move her case out of the California Court system. "In the papers, the lawyers claim Britney was in no position to even hire a lawyer for the federal case because she's not allowed to under the conservatorship order," reports TMZ.

The judge is not only pissed about the paperwork, he also rejected the case calling it "ridiculous" and is now asking Eardley to show proof that Britney hired him--as well as pay for new attorney fees.

Judge Philip Gutierrez set a deadline of February 29 for Britney's so-called lawyer, Jon Eardley, to explain why the Federal court has any business getting involved in Britney's mental affairs.