Family Wants Britney In Rehab

January 4, 2008 By:
Family Wants Britney In Rehab

This Britney Spears saga keeps getting more and more intense. Details from last night's incident are slowly being revealed, and they're not pretty!

Britney is being uncooperative at the hospital and is currently heavily sedated. She refused any visitors and flipped out when Kevin showed up to the hospital late last night.

“Kevin tried to talk to Britney at the hospital last night and she freaked out,” an insider tells PageSix. “He wanted to try and get to the bottom of what she did, but she was not cooperative.”

Kevin apparently showed up to court this afternoon to ask the judge to order Britney into rehab.

Although I don't doubt drug and alcohol abuse, I think Britney's problems are much deeper than we think. She needs serious medical attention. It's obvious from her actions that she is mentally unstable. I hope she gets the help she needs, we don't want her to end up like Anna Nicole.