Dr. Phil Gets Blacklisted

January 16, 2008 By:
Dr. Phil Gets Blacklisted

Although the saying goes, 'There's no such thing as bad publicity' in Dr. Phil's case---there certainly is! I bet Dr. Phil is regretting the day he stepped foot at Cedars to 'treat Britney' because he's been in hot water ever since.

Producers for The Dr. Phil Show are having trouble booking “big name celebrities” to appear on Phil’s upcoming 1,000th Episode Special, because no one trusts the doc.

After Dr. Phil talked publicly about Britney and her condition, celebrities don't want anything to do with him--he's basically been blacklisted from Hollywood.

The NY Daily News reports, “Nobody good wants to go near it,” says a source familiar with the booking process.

Dr. Phil's booker has been trying to lure big names for a “walk-on” with the promise that “then the celebrity can promote any project or charity that they’re involved in.”

No one big has agreed to make a cameo yet. Maybe he can have a D-list special, you know that show will fill up quicker then he can say, 'my career is over,' which leads us to our daily poll…